St. John Paul II Catholic School's Photo Album
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Mrs. Ronda Jackson

Hi, my name is Ronda Jackson. I am the music teacher at St. John Paul II Catholic School. I graduated from Hanover College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and then completed my Masters of Education Degree at Indiana University Southeast. I have been teaching for twenty-five years and twenty-four of those years have been in the Indianapolis Archdiocese. I am both blessed and proud to say that this is my twentieth year to be part of the wonderful school family of St. John Paul II Catholic School.

Music in school is both a body of knowledge and a sequence of activities that provide a wide variety of experiences. These experiences prepare students to be enlightened music listeners as well as performers. I encourage students to become life-long learners and I strive to stimulate student learning through activities that are aligned with the Indiana State Standards for Music Education.

I look forward to meeting each of you here at St. John Paul II Catholic School. May we all remember that in music there is harmony and in harmony there is peace…

Ronda Jackson
Music Teacher
St. John Paul II Catholic School