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Mrs. Amy Barber

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Hello, my name is Amy Barber.  I am currently in my 19th year of teaching at St. John Paul II Catholic School.  I have taught computers, P.E., first, and second grade.  I am fortunate to be able to teach at St. John Paul II; we have such wonderful students, families, and faculty.

I attended Sacred Heart Elementary School, Providence High School, IU Bloomington, and received my Masters in Education from Indiana Wesleyan.  I am married to John and have two wonderful children, Ethan and Caleb.

I currently teach second grade.  Second grade is a wonderful year.  The children change so much during first grade and come to my classroom with the excitement to learn.  We make our First Reconciliation in December.  We go on several field trips to learn about our community: Howard Steamboat Museum and Belle of Louisville.  One of the most exciting times in class is after Christmas break, we begin to learn to write in cursive.  A very joyful time is in April when they receive Jesus in their First Holy Eucharist.   Toward the end of the year we learn multiplication. 

As children grow in grade two they learn many interesting things.  In second grade we learn many new core standards.  Some of the standards we learn are the use of prefixes and suffixes, regular and irregular plural words, and story mapping.  In Social Studies we will do research on a famous African American and learn how our country was started.  In math we study fractions, geometric shapes, and facts of addition and subtraction.  In Science we will learn about Physical, Earth, Life, Engineering and Technology Sciences.

My mission as an educator is to stimulate academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth to develop skills needed to become a life-long learner.