Several types of technology are used by our teachers to enhance the learning experience.  They allow the teacher to better present information and accurately measure student progress and meet individual needs.

A large number of iPads are at the disposal of all teachers K-6. They are maintained by the school and used in both small group and whole group learning situations.

Interactive White Boards
Each classroom is equipped with an Interactive White Board. The media of the teacher’s choice is displayed from a projector and can be manipulated by the teacher or students to bring a lesson to life.

Classroom Computers
Besides our 30 work station Thin Client Computer Lab, the students have access to computers in all classrooms. These computers are used for varied individual learning activities.

AVerMedia Document Cameras
Document cameras connect to a projector and are used to project images for a class to see. Unlike a traditional overhead projector, the document camera allows the teacher to work with plain paper, zoom, and display 3D objects.

The second Grade classes use Kindles in small group and Learning Center situations to engage students in reading activities.